Stevie Nash Ozono


(To Serve The Edo People)

  • The country has been starved of leaders all these years of our political dispensation. In most cases we have people who are in power just for their self-interest, and not for the people who have entrusted power to them.
  • Democracy is all about the people, the people, the people…but what we have today is a system where a few are lords and have accumulated the commonwealth of all for their own selfish gain.
  • We are on a mission, and our mission is to serve the Edo People, to Rescue them from cycle of bad leadership.
  • All we see around today is a people who celebrate those entrusted with power as gods, when in actual fact those who gave the power are to be served and revered as gods, we are on a Mission.
  • Our inclusion in the governorship race under the platform of our Great Party – NRM, is the beginning of a new dawn in the lives of the my people, as we have Come on a Mission, to change the political landscape of the Edo State, to change the narrative of leadership in the state, to restore hope and belief in our collective resolve of all Edolites in making the state Great.
  • Leadership that is servant like to the people, Leadership that is based on selflessness and Service for the people.
  • We are on a Mission, and we would not rest
  • Until our children are a force to reckon with educationally, and for everything good in the country and world at large
  • Until our state becomes the cradle of innovation and creativity which we are known for is reborn again
  • Until our mothers and fathers, (the aged) who have labored for us are properly taken care of in their old age,
  • Until our Young and abled bodied men and women see and unlock great entrepreneurship opportunities in their homeland and work hard to become great men and women we would export to the rest of the world,
  • Until our land becomes the Centre of excellence in Information and Communication Technology and a pride to all Edo People all over the world,
  • Until our culture and heritage becomes the Centre of attraction to the world at large
  • Until our land is cultivated and we become the pride lands of cash crops exports in the country,
  • Until we attract the best of investments from the rest of the world to our state for the benefit of our people and the nation at large
  • Until the standard of living of the Edo people is raised significantly, and our state flourishes amongst her contemporaries