“My Vision is true democracy which is people oriented, service based, that would guarantee accelerated progressive, such that the citizens of the state would be proud of their roots.


Making Edo state an ocean of prosperity in Nigeria, a model for other states.


1. Edo is one of the lucky states to be an oil producing state. It contributes about 2.06% of the total crude oil output in the country. In 2019 alone, our state received from the federal account allocation a total sum of N66.5 billion. However, it is becoming very difficult to align the state’s development to her status as an oil-producing state. We are strongly determined to put the interest of the state first in all our thinking and actions. We will put YOU the Edo People first, not my Party or anyone else.

2. Resources and revenues of the state shall be used to improve lives and livelihood of the people of the state. We believe federal account allocation and internally generated revenues of the state can be optimally utilised beyond current situations. For example, a total net amount from the federal government for April 2020 was N5, 118,224,021.81 (Five billion, one hounded and eighteen million, two hundred and twenty four thousand, twenty one naira and eighty one kobo).

3. We shall design revenue drive that is people friendly. Our Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government (MDA) shall be energised to rethink their revenue generation methodologies.

4. We shall ensure that federal account allocations to all the local government areas in the state are used for the developments of these areas. The development of local government areas and the grassroots is paramount to us.

5. We shall reduce the debt burden of the state significantly. As at year end 2018 FRC annual report states that, the debt to revenue ratio of Edo state stands at 248.13% clearly overstepping the limits given by Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC) by198.13%.

6. In terms of basic amenities and improved security architecture, we shall provide enabling business environment for all categories of industries and SMEs in the state.

7. We are not comfortable with the 25.1% unemployment rate (1,250,000 people) and 18.4% underemployment rate (900,000 people) of the state. We are worried but determined to reduce this to single digit via our various developmental agenda.

8. Our government shall be premised on inclusive and participatory democracy, where everyone regardless of geo-political zone is expected to contribute his/her quota to the development of the state. Everyone shall be engaged (the market seller, drivers, office workers, students, motherless homes and so many others).

9. Grassroots mobilisation and engagement will be pursued with the use of information and communication technologies (radio, TV, Internet etc, etc.).

10. We are executing a ‘Social Mobilization Pact’ with the people of Edo. This will be outlined in details when we assume office.


1. We shall aggressively pursue infrastructural developments across all the geo-political zones in the state. We are conscious of the fact, this is what will be orchestrate economic prosperity for our industrious people

2. Road maintenance shall be given ultimate attention. Importantly, Roads to farm settlements, construction of new road networks has been itemised as a top priority.

3. While working with all necessary agencies, we shall see to providing regular power (electricity) supply in the state. We can no longer tolerate epileptic supply in a state/kingdom that experienced street lights even before contacts with the Europeans. Beyond, regular supply of electricity will boost economic activities in the state.

4. Water is life. Hence, we are well determined to ensure improvement in the provision and supply of pure and hygiene water across all the local government areas of our dear state.

5. Issues of flash flood, drainage system and other environmental challenges shall be immediate and utmost attention in all affected parts of the state.


1. We are set to revolutionise agriculture in our state. Plans are ready to turn agriculture to business for our people and the state at large. Putting in focus the comparative advantage of each community in terms of crops produced, creating opportunities and employment for teeing youths.

(i) Over 18 communities in Edo state have fertile soils for cassava, fruits and timber production. Rice consumption is on the increase while the production rate is not measuring up to the demand.

(ii) We are set to turn our own Etsako East, Etsako west, Esan Central, Esan South-East, Owan North-East to be the rice hub of country. Our government shall provide all support necessary for the production and processing of rice in Edo state.

(iii) Banana and plantain farmers will not be left out, from Ovia South West, to Ovia North East, to Egor, to Uhunmwode, to Orhiomwon , to Owan West and Esan West. We shall partner international and national research institutions to improve banana and plantain production in our state.

(iv) Rubber and cashew production in the state shall be revamped, the Oredo, Uhunmwode, Ovia South-West, Orhiomwon, Esan South-East, Ovia North-East, Esan West, Esan North rubber farmer and Etsako West, Etsako East and Owan East cashew farmers should get ready for a new dawn, Edo state shall become a one stop shop for industrial raw materials

(v) We shall revive young farmers club in every public school (primary and secondary) in Edo state and inculcate the catch our farmers young so that we can through agriculture, turn around the economy of Edo state.

(vi) Our government will attract foreign investment in agriculture by creating enabling ground for Agriprenures from around the world to invest in Edo state agriculture.

2. Modernisation/mechanisation of the agriculture sector will be taken to higher level in the state. Beyond just providing farm machines and supplying farm inputs, we shall train our farmers on current global practices in farming, Agric business and allied companies.

Beyond the conventional soil planting, we are prepared to support farmers to embrace new technologies such as hydroponics especially for vegetable production and to make every community independent in terms of food production

3. Beyond just producing, we shall facilitate the growth Agric related businesses that help in processing Agricultural products premised on global standards. We shall improve the supply chains by exposing our farmers and Agric business men and women to global markets in order to maximise their profitability.

4. Agro Business shall flourish again in Edo State.

1. With a population estimate of about 5 million and 3.8% fertility rate and in order to meet up with the challenges of increasing population; we shall take it as matter of emergency to improve the health systems of the state particularly when we consider the state of health infrastructural decadence currently pervading our landscape.

2. We shall investing heavily on health infrastructure, equipments, drugs and other medical supplies. Across all the geo-political zones, to drastically improve Edo peoples’ accessibility and affordability to effective health systems.

3. We shall improve social care, maternal health, mental health and primary health system. Tertiary health system will not be abandoned as well; With the intention to aggressively reduce maternal mortality, infant mortality rates and other health related deaths in the state.

4. Public health and environmental health protocols shall be improved to reflect global standards.

5. The welfare, remuneration and work conditions of all health workers shall be taken as a priority.
Our government believes in improving literacy level of the state, ensuring a reduction and by extension eradication of out of school children. We will achieve those by:

1. Progressively provide free education to students in primary and secondary schools in order to increase literacy level at least by 50%. Policies shall be put in place to increase students’ enrolments in all local government areas of the state.

2. Investing heavily on improving educational infrastructure.

3. Execute educational reforms to strategically reposition our state back to her glory. Edo is nationally and globally known for her educational excellence.

4. Revamping state university to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century learning system.

5. Making sure that the welfare, remuneration and work conditions of all teachers and workers in the educational ministry are taken as a priority.


1. We are set to implement developmental agenda, capacity building and skills acquisition for the youths of Edo.

2. We shall involve and engage the youths in providing leadership and governance in the state, preparing them for top leadership positions.

3. Sports development shall be given adequate attention. We shall enhance the performance of the state in all national sports competitions.

4. Grassroots talent hunts and developments shall be pursued. with the intention of identifying and nurturing young talents in their early stages.

5. Welfare and remuneration of sports persons and officials shall not be joked with.

1. We shall drastically improve women’s inclusion and participation in leadership, community development and governance. We believe in the Beijing September 1995 declaration on Affirmation Actions for women.
2. A Think Tank will see to providing capacity building and skills acquisition for women across all the 18 local government areas in the state. We are very determined to greatly empower women economically.
3. We shall work to support their existing small and medium scale businesses while new ones shall also, be given attention. The Edo women are great people, hence we shall help them to become their best.


Transparency/Accountability and Inclusive/Participatory Governance

a. Open a constituency office where people can meet with me or my staff regularly to raise their concerns.
b. Hold quarterly public meetings to report back to the people to discuss any concerns that they might have.
c. Declare assets publicly and regularly.
d. Transparency is the only way to defeat corruption.
e. Engage all the constituencies in the state to address issues.